Coordinator: Jennifer Eichenberg

Bulletin Board


Allied Equipment Question: Is a belt attachment with loops capable of holding single cartridges considered ‘allied equipment’ and therefore must be behind the hip bone for some divisions? Answer: No.  Bullet keepers are not considered ‘allied equipment’. See definition below Relevant Rule Book references: Glossary  Allied Equipment  –  Magazines, speed loaders and/or their respective retention devices (including…
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Greetings Ontario Match Directors and Competitors,  I am writing to you today to bring your attention to a couple of updates in the administration of the NROI program, and hopefully clarify some recent concerns brought to my attention. 1) OverlaysWith the number of officials growing in our section, it has become increasingly difficult to ensure…
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Announcement for all NROI Ontario Officials

April 22, 2020 To All Ontario Officials, I am reaching out to you today to check in with our community across the province and to give you an update on the status of NROI Ontario maintenance requirements. Due to the rapidly changing nature of COVID-19 and the ensuing provincial measures to limit its spread, the…
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Clay Targets – Rule Clarification

Please note there is an official clarification from NROI Canada regarding the prohibition of clay targets in sanctioned IPSC Rifle and PCC matches.  Find the full statement here:

Claiming RO points

Greetings Officials, Just a reminder for all Officials who are claiming RO points:In order to claim points you must officiate a minimum of one full squad for a level 1 match, two full squads or a half day for a level 2 match and a full day of work is required for a level 3…
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NROI Ontario Shirt

NEW RO shirts have arrived

Greetings Officials, The new Range Officer shirts have arrived. If you indicated match pick up on your order form, the shirts will be available for you at the upcoming level 3 matches. The first level 3 of the season – OPSL UC5 had some shirts handed out to the officials who were able to attend.…
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NROI Call for Officials – Canadian Shotgun Nationals Level 3

NROI Call for Officials – CANADIAN SHOTGUN NATIONALS LEVEL 3 Greetings Officials, The Canadian Shotgun Nationals is looking for Officials who can RO and CRO the main match which will be held on September 19-20, 2019 at the Crumlin Sportsmen’s Association and the Oxford Fish and Game Club. The Match Director is Paul Sarantis. He…
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New NROI Website

Greetings IPSC Ontario members, NROI Ontario, with the help of Megan O’Neil and Adam Smith, has just launched a website to support its members with easy access to Points Claim, Rule Books, Resources and contact information. You can access this page at or through the link at the top of the IPSC Ontario page.…
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Pistol Conversion Kits for PCC

ATTENTION IPSC SHOOTERS, There have been several inquiries regarding an official position on the use of carbine kits to convert a pistol into a pistol caliber carbine, for use at a sanctioned IPSC PCC match. It is the position of NROI Ontario that these conversion kits are allowed provided that all other division requirements are…
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Changes in NROI Ontario

Greetings IPSC members, In the first few weeks of my tenure as NROI Ontario Coordinator there have been some changes of which I would like to make you aware.  Most immediately noteworthy is the change to the Deputy program outlined in the NROI Ontario Policy & Officials’ Handbook. After restructuring and redistributing portfolios, I am…
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