February 2022

February 2022

Greetings Ontario Officials!

As a part of an ongoing effort to keep you informed of the happenings in NROI Ontario, please find below the latest installment of our bulletin.

1.     Recertification Exams

After many hours of development and discussion I am happy to announce that our Recertification Exams are now online!  For those officials who did not meet the 2021 minimum maintenance point threshold of 3, I have emailed a letter detailing these new exams and providing a link to one of them for completion.  This option gives officials the easiest way to demonstrate their rule knowledge and get back to active status.  I have had some great feedback and requests for the additional exams as a means for refreshing memories after this long break.  If you are already current for 2022 but are interested in trying your hand at one or more of them for fun, send me a note to that effect and I’ll give you the link.  Eventually these exams will become mandatory as part of an annual or bi-annual recertification in addition to match work, but for now they remain as optional celebrations of learning for current officials. The exams are all multiple choice, open book, you can take as much time as needed and can go back to rewrite as many times as you’d like.  Send me a note for more info.

2.     NROI Ontario Official Uniform

I am pleased to announce that A-Hits Inc. will now be carrying our official NROI Ontario shirt, as well as a national edition with maple leaves in place of the trilliums. They look the same as our current shirts but will be easier for officials to access directly through the A-Hits Inc. website.  You can order at any time and either have them shipped to your home or pick them up from Joury at our major matches.  Links to each shirt can be found below – please be sure to double check the sizing when ordering as it will not be the same as your current shirts:

Ontario shirt:

Ontario Nationals edition:

3.     Upcoming Calls for Officials

At the time of this publication there are two Level 3 matches on the Ontario calendar with a third likely to be added soon.  A Call for Officials for each of these matches will be sent to you via this email address as soon as the details are finalized by the respective Match Directors.  Keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities.  

4.     Level 1 Seminar

In response to both the renewed demand for Level 1 Seminars and the ongoing challenges of booking appropriate rooms at clubs, NROI Ontario has organized a larger seminar at a conference room in Waterloo for a class April 2/3, 2022.  If you know of a member with the right attitude, a minimum 8 months of experience and an interest in joining our ranks, please encourage them to add their name to the waitlist found below:

Level 1 Seminar waitlist:

5.     Match Directors and the Workers List

When it comes to maintenance points for your NROI status there are a couple confusing points I’d like to clear up – it has always been and remains, the official’s responsibility to enter matches he or she has worked into our system through the points claim link found below.  It is the responsibility of the Match Director to ensure that all NROI members who worked their match are listed in the match information on the calendar.  This list can be edited right up until results are submitted to ensure its accuracy.  When an official submits their claim for points at a match where they were included on the worker’s list, those points are automatically accepted by the system.  If the MD has failed to include you on the list, then your claim will need to be manually reviewed, which accounts for the delay in seeing some points approved to your record.  2022 will be the last year manual reviews will be done.  As of January 1, 2023, only auto-approved points will be credited to an official’s record.  So, take a minute when you show up at a match to ask the MD if they have included your name on the worker’s list, and then remember to claim your points as soon as you can after the match results are posted.

Points claim:

6.     Barrel Replacement Bursary

Quick reminder for any Club Reps out there that there is still an opportunity to submit a claim for the $1000 Barrel Replacement Bursary.  It’s an easy way to acquire some funds for your club to use for building vision barriers.  More information can be found here: 

Barrel Bursary:

7.     AGM

Don’t forget the IPSC Ontario Annual General Meeting is set to be held by Webex on Saturday February 26th at 1pm.  Here’s hoping this is the last virtual version of this event we have to endure.  

As always, if you have questions or concerns about anything NROI, please reach out to me through email.  It’s been a long, isolating two years but I’m hopeful we can all finally get back to enjoying our IPSC community again. 

I look forward to seeing you on the range this summer.


Jennifer Eichenberg

NROI Ontario Coordinator