NROI Ontario Bulletin October 2022

NROI Ontario Bulletin October 2022

 Greetings NROI Ontario Officials!

I hope this letter finds you all enjoying the fall colours and looking forward to a festive Halloween!  I am sending you this note today to communicate a couple of important points before year end:

1.      NROI Range Officer’s Workshop – February 25, 2023, Springhill Suites, Vaughan ON
Mark your calendars and come join us for a full day of learning and fun!  There will be sessions on the new rule changes for 2023, lessons learned from 2022, a town hall Q&A with the Range Masters, celebrations of learning (maybe even with a prize table), and much more! The focus will be on a collegial day to connect with your fellow officials, refresh our knowledge, and recognize the excellence found in NROI Ontario.  This event is being held the day before the IPSC AGM at the same location.  There is no need to formally register, but if you think you can make it, please let me know so I have an idea for food.  Hope to see you there. 

2.      Maintenance Points Claim
Reminder to all officials that after you have worked a match, you still need to submit a Points claim through the NROI Ontario website (  The minimum annual maintenance point requirement is 6, and any work on the timer or scorepad counts.  It’s important that Match Directors add the names of all workers to the database (which can be done at any time, even after results are posted) so that the submitted claims are auto-accepted by the system.  This is the last year NROI will be manually processing routine points claims, so if you are noticing that your points are not approved, please ask the MD to double check that your name is on the worker’s list.

3.      NROI Ontario Official Shirts
Just a reminder that all of our official NROI Ontario uniform shirts are now being supplied by A-Hits Inc. and can be purchased directly from their website.  We have two versions available on their site, a trillium one ( and a maple leaf one (, and both are approved for wear at all sanctioned IPSC matches.

4.      Match Level Designation
Finally, a quick note for Match Directors regarding match levels – in order to keep in line with national requirements, the IPSC Ontario BoD recently approved an amendment to our Ontario Match Policy to reflect the fact that in order to call a match a Level 2, it must include a minimum of 6 stages.  All other minimums as listed in Appendix A1 remain recommendations. 

Thank you all for your continued work and commitment to NROI.  As always, if you have any questions, concerns or topics you’d like to see covered at the workshop, please do not hesitate to email me.

Jennifer Eichenberg
NROI Ontario Coordinator