Coordinator: Jennifer Eichenberg

Become a CRO

How to Become a CRO

The CRO is a leader. The CRO is responsible for managing an entire crew of ROs and helpers, while looking out for the safety of everyone on the range. Although safety is always the top priority, the CRO must also be able to identify backlogs and improve the efficiency of a range when one or more stages becomes an issue.
The CRO is also a coach and teacher, who must ensure that all ROs follow the proper procedures, use only the approved range commands, and consistently apply all proper rules and procedural penalties.
The CRO should be able to explain difficult issues to the crew, especially in potentially negative situations such as when a Range Master overturns a disqualification or penalty call. The CRO must also be able to diffuse conflicts and ensure the relationship between staff and competitors remains friendly and respectful. CROs serve the section by working as dedicated staff for Level III matches across the province.
An advanced knowledge of the rules is essential.


Current member of IPSC Ontario with the rank of Range Officer.

Have accumulated a minimum of 32 match points, including at least 15 from Level 3 or higher matches.

Must have worked at least one Level 3 match as full time Range Officer

Must have successfully passed an IROA Level II Seminar.

Must have been the Match Director for at least one IPSC sanctioned match.

Must have at least 3 references from senior Ontario officials with whom they have worked. A senior official is one who has held the rank of CRO or higher for a minimum of 3 years.

Must have consistently displayed the aptitude, attitude and disposition required for the Chief Range Officer role, and possess a strong interest in the on-going development and education of new Range Officers.


ROs wishing to obtain the rank of Chief Range Officer must submit a completed application form with references and a copy of their Level II seminar certificate to the NROI Ontario Coordinator at Applications will be reviewed quarterly (January, April, July and October) by a committee convened by the NROI Coordinator for that purpose. The committee shall be chaired by the current NROI Ontario Coordinator and be made up of no fewer than 3 IPSC members with representation from the following positions: an Ontario RO Instructor, a current Ontario Range Master, and a Match Director with Level 3 experience.

The assessment will include a review of the applicant’s past performance, including technical skills, knowledge of the rules, temperament and attitude. References will be read and potentially contacted for further information. Being a reference on an applicant’s file does not preclude that individual from reviewing the application as a part of the committee. Qualified applicants will be accepted as a Provisional Chief Range Officer. Any applicant rejected will be told clearly why they were rejected and what they need to work on for future re-application and consideration.

Once accepted as a Provisional CRO, the official will be required to work as a CRO at a Level III match under the direct supervision of a current NROI Ontario Official serving in the role of Match CRO. The supervising Match CRO, assigned by the NROI Ontario Coordinator, will directly and actively mentor the applicant throughout at least one full day of the match. The Match CRO will then provide a report to the NROI Coordinator regarding the Provisional CRO’s readiness to become a full CRO. If the recommendation is that the applicant is ready to perform independently as a CRO, the NROI Coordinator will update the applicant’s status. If the recommendation is that more experience is required, the NROI Coordinator will identify a mentor to assist the applicant in completing the process with further supervised range time.