Coordinator: Jennifer Eichenberg

Month: February 2019

New NROI Website

Greetings IPSC Ontario members, NROI Ontario, with the help of Megan O’Neil and Adam Smith, has just launched a website to support its members with easy access to Points Claim, Rule Books, Resources and contact information. You can access this page at or through the link at the top of the IPSC Ontario page.…
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Pistol Conversion Kits for PCC

ATTENTION IPSC SHOOTERS, There have been several inquiries regarding an official position on the use of carbine kits to convert a pistol into a pistol caliber carbine, for use at a sanctioned IPSC PCC match. It is the position of NROI Ontario that these conversion kits are allowed provided that all other division requirements are…
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Changes in NROI Ontario

Greetings IPSC members, In the first few weeks of my tenure as NROI Ontario Coordinator there have been some changes of which I would like to make you aware.  Most immediately noteworthy is the change to the Deputy program outlined in the NROI Ontario Policy & Officials’ Handbook. After restructuring and redistributing portfolios, I am…
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